President's Message


We Want You!

In a recent study, we learned the number one reason a consumer changed banks is because of a move.  It wasn't because of poor service or gaining a higher interest rate on their funds or even fees charged for the account.  It takes physically moving your residence to help make a decision to change banks!  My assessment of this information confirms my belief that bank customers are very loyal; and we like loyal customers.

This all being said, We Want You!  At Reliance Bank you will receive superior service, the highest deposit interest rates and you will not have big bank service charges.  We know we have the best accounts in our trade area, second to none.  I challenge you to open an account and let us prove that our service and accounts are really the best - and you don't have to move to get the best!

Speaking of best, long term mortgage interest rates continue to be nearly the best in history.  With the posture of our Federal Reserve and their current fiscal policy, borrowing rates have remained low which translates into greater purchasing power and lower mortgage payments for consumers who are purchasing or refinacing their home.

Taking all this into account - the great service, low fees, high rates on deposits and low interest rates on borrowing; why wouldn't you consider making Reliance Bank your Bank?  Please consider your next move to be the move that puts you in charge of your financial affairs.  Come into Reliance Bank and we will gladly help you move your deposits and/or loans to Faribault's newest and fastest growing bank.  You deserve the service and products that Reliance Bank will deliver.  Move on into Reliance Bank.  Come on in!  We Want You!